The MMF House

Architectural visualization project for a one-story house in Neve Yarak, Israel, done so the homeowners could get a feel for the house.

Ronen Bekerman

Making an Entrance

As you pass the front gate, you are on the steps towards the elevated entrance area.

Inside the House

Entering the house you see the garden in front of you, with the kitchen on your left and living room to the right.

Going to Sleep!

The Master Bedroom has a view towards the rear garden and access to it.

The Garden

The house span the full width of the lot, with the main living space and master bedroom overlooking the grounds.

And our favorite vantage point... from the pool - towards the house.


The Visuals were crafted by Adi Cohen, Emanuel Kand & Ronen Bekerman.

Architecture & Interior Design : Eyal Apple + Dorit Weinbren