The S5 House

CG Visuals we crafted for a special client, showing their future home in Hod Hasharon, Israel, as it was designed by Architect Raz Melamed.

Ronen Bekerman

Welcome Home

The view of the house as you drive up the street towards it, and the front northerly facade.

Kitchen & Dining

Entering the house you see the Kitchen and Dining areas as you pass the main staircase on The Wall.

And the same views in the evening time...

Living Space & View From the Barbecue Station

Inside the Living Room during the day and night, as well as a side view of this space and more seen from the "Chef's View" - where the Barbecue Station is planned to be.

And at night!

The Outside!

For the outside we showcase The Wall - a bare concrete wall where the staircase is located and also the rear facade and pool area of the house.


The Visuals were crafted by Adi Cohen, Emanuel Kand & Ronen Bekerman.

Architect : Raz Melamed