Villa Brener Exterior Rendering by The Craft
We had the pleasure to craft visuals for a conservation building, designed by an architect whose name is unknown, which currently has five separate apartments.
The architect and clients decided to turn it into a single-family house, with a ground floor and a large garden, an upper floor with a beautiful huge space, and a roof for parties.
The dilemma was whether the living space, living room, kitchen, and primary bedroom would be on the ground, with access to the pool, and the children's rooms on the top floor, as seems logical.
Make the children's rooms on the ground floor, including a small dining area in front of the pool, a vast space with a high ceiling, unique in its beauty, design the living space.
We've crafted views to show both options, and the clients chose the second option. Less conventional but more beautiful.
Thank you for watching, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have a similar project to visualize.

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