The visualization process was collaborative between The Craft Studio and Dana Oberson Architects. Dana Oberson's vision of elegant interiors with a natural material palette, soft hues, and raw textures was a key focus, requiring meticulous CGI representation to capture the essence of her designs.
Situated at the intersection of Am Israel Hai St. and Hayarkon St. in Tel Aviv, Calla merges the vibrancy of city life with serene coastal living. The Craft Studio's visualizations depicted this unique lifestyle, showcasing the the peaceful beach scenario.
Incorporating Calla's public amenities, such as the pool, gym, and meditative lounging spaces, into the visualizations, The Craft Studio aimed to create an immersive experience that illustrated moments of connection and tranquility.
Thanks to this fantastic team of people who made it happen!

Interior Design: Dana Oberson Architects
Strategy, brand design and art-direction: Studio Koniak
Producer: Studio Kestenboum
Line producer: Orly Barak
Director: Eitan Sarid 
DOP: Ziv Berkovich
Still Photography: Asaf Einy
Styling: Shay Lee Nissim
Mua & Hair: Refael Itay Baron Makeup&Hair
Set Dresser: Eden Ohana, Ion Korea Vargelis
Edit: Jenny Danilenko
Post: Omri Grossman, Ilya Marcus
Model: Sivan Or

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