This architectural marvel, designed by Anderman Architects, gracefully harmonizes with the unique geological and historical tapestry of the area.
Overlooking the rugged beauty of the Mediterranean's shore, the residence is a testament to the delicate balance of nature and human ingenuity. The Craft has meticulously created this set of visuals, capturing not just the essence of the design, but also the spirit of its surroundings, for the owners' approval.
This project is an ode to the natural wonder of the kurkar cliffs and the rich heritage they encapsulate, making K Residence not just a home, but a piece of Israel's coastal narrative.
In this latest addition to our collection, we are thrilled to showcase the captivating images above and at the bottom right. These pieces are a testament to the exceptional exploratory work undertaken at The Craft for each project, brilliantly led and brought to life by our lead artist on this project, Anya. 
In this project, a notable and intriguing aspect is incorporating natural sky photography from the FIGMANET Telephoto Skies ONE Collection. While some scenes continue to showcase the impressive capabilities of the Corona Renderer Clouds feature, we discovered that the authenticity and nuanced atmosphere conveyed by actual sky photographs provide unparalleled realism and expressive depth. This strategic blend of technology and artistry has been instrumental in achieving the specific ambiance and feel we aimed for in our visuals.

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