This 2nd installment of Peter's Masterclass was packed with valuable insight, and mostly highly focused 5 days of pure work.
“Never stop learning” I say!
I took the Superhouse to the forest, contrasting the horizontal white house with the dark verticals of the trees. 
I used Corona Renderer and Forest Pack as the main tools to create the environment, mood and explore the views and lighting.
I’ve tried and used Corona Renderer in the past for a production project, but really dived in during this masterclass. The way it works and what it offers enabled me to focus on exploring more views, more lighting options and get the feedback I needed faster with less tinkering around.
Using Corona Renderer, I enjoyed the interactive render and super cool multiple region render feature. Forest Pack played a big role here in creating the forest environment.
I loved the Black & White versions, but here are the colored versions as well.
Thank you for watching!

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