"The Cove" image was done during SOA Master Class #16 in July 2015. I've explored various approaches to making an image and here I'm showing the main approach, process and final result.
You can see all three images by The Craft team in our "Panama House Remix" post.
Below is an initial concept exploration with a naked version of the house model and abstract shapes.
Image direction based on reference photos.
Sketching the image based on the above and translating to an abstract fast environment model.
I'm pretty sure I had this photo I took near Göcek in Turkey a long time ago when I decided on the final framing...
The RAW render!
And all the major steps of the post-production process in Photoshop.
Resulting in this FINAL image of "The Cove"
Big thanks to the SOA team for all the knowledge shared during the Master Class and their dedication to the field of Architectural Visualization.
Thanks for watching!

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